freelance motion graphic and 3d animation design

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    Tucked away on a quiet hill top in beautiful Southern Oregon, Hoehne:Design has steadily been churning out motion graphic and 3D animation work for clients near and far since 2001. We strive to be current, innovative, and excellent in all the work we produce, and we make it a point to be accessible and quick to respond to all of our clients related needs, requests, and directions.


    Yes, we’re a small fish in a very big pond (and we have a “small fish” ego to prove it :), but we love what we do, and we hope it shows. Please contact us—we’d love to meet you and perhaps partner with you to expand and grow your business or your client's business through the persuasive and engaging power of visual communication.

    Hoehne:Design   |   |   541.826.8052

    Hoehne:Design   |   |   541.826.8052